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Our purpose

Take Zen into your life
Then go out and do something good with it

We are here for one reason: to remove fear. By helping people move freely through life, we can manifest our purpose and create a better world. Zen training forms the condition in your body that allows you to create what you’re here to do.

From the moment we are born, we survive by building protective layers around ourselves like so many layers of paint. Beneath these layers, we have gifts that demand expression. Moving beyond fear, we can strip off the paint to reveal our essence. This takes us from a state of coping, trapped in a cycle of anxiety and resistance, to realising our true purpose.

Zen Leader goes well beyond the limits of mindfulness to help you fundamentally reframe the challenges you face, transform what is holding you back, and ultimately get out of your own way. Through zazen meditation and other traditional practices, we create an unforgettable experience and energy that takes hold across all areas of your life.

It’s incredible what can happen in just a few hours with the right people and the right direction.

Our team
Beth Potter
Beth Potter, M.D. is an Associate Professor in the UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH).
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Cindy Haq
Cindy Haq M.D. is Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. She has been a champion for health equity, primary health care, community health and family medicine throughout her career.
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Geoffrey Ashton
Professor Geoffrey Ashton recently joined the Department of Philosophy at USF from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he also held an appointment as Assistant Professor of Asian Philosophy.
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Sridevi To Hai
Sridevi To Hai is a long-time Zen and yoga practitioner based in Vietnam.
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Andy Robins
Andy Robins is an energetic and intuitive executive coach and trainer with a wealth of business experience, combined with years
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Scott Kiel
Scott Kiel started his formal Zen training in 2006 under Greene Roshi.
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Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug. Part futurist, part economist, and always engaging, Rebecca is one of America’s most influential thought leaders, helping cities and companies think around the corner to what’s next.
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Patricia Greene
Patricia Dravis Greene began Zen and martial arts training in 1975. Her Zen teachers were Tenzan Gensho Rokoji (Toyoda Shihan), Tenshin Tanouye Roshi, and Kyoen Honda Roshi, from whom she received inka.
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Alex Greene
Alex Greene is a long-time Zen practitioner and Zen priest in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen.
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Kenneth Kushner
Kenneth Setsuzan Kushner is a priest and Zen Master in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen. He also holds the rank of Kyoshi in the Chozen-ji School of Kyudo (“Zen Archery”).
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